Sunday, July 5, 2009

Day Three

Today Tony wants to catch up with an old friend, and I need to get him a pair of church shoes, So we head in to town.

We find Tony's friend right away - and right where we left him.

A boy and his dragon.

Let's climb him again, for old times sake.

Tony feeling nostalgic on the way up.

And the triumphant boy as he conquers the dragon!

Thought we'd had our fill of climbing - but really, that was just silly of me.

And, he's triumphant again!

I'm told these posts are meant to symbolize spinning tools used in the Jute trade, which employed a majority of Dundee workers at the turn of the century (the 19th century that is).
Plenty of information on Dundee's history here.

"Just one more Mom?"

This is Dundee Dan - here again, Wiki knows better than I
Desperate Dan on Wiki

Day Two

The boy wants to go to the beach - so, we go to the beach!

The beach is at Broughty Ferry, a part of Dundee on the north shore of the firth of Tay.
Wikipedia says it better and knows more about it than I

It's just a short distance from my Mom's house and there are lots of fun things to do. Usually we go to the beach first, where Tony likes to hunt Jelly Fish - not so much a hunt as he usually finds them out of the water, so they're dead. He likes to poke at them, but he also likes to collect seashells, dig in the sand, and play with seaweed. All kinds of yucky things that boys like! Then once he's wet with salt water and caked in sand, we go over to the playground nearby. There's a splash pad there where he runs around gets rinsed off.

Tony running down the beach toward the castle.

This was the first time we visited the castle. I'm not sure why we never went there before, but it was nice. Tony never stays still, as you well know.

Tony running out of a circular doorway in the castle courtyard.

Tony finally sitting, on the circular stair inside the castle.

Day One

I've decided to resurrect this blog as a way to keep you all in the loop while I'm away. Sound good?

So, day one. Day one was a blur, I'll be honest. All of the flights went fine - all on time and no issues, but I didn't sleep at all! Consequently Thursday July 2nd was almost a complete wash. We got to the house and had a bowl of soup, then went to sleep!